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Are you excited about the official release date of the most popular game Pokémon go in your region? The game is available in the Germany and US, New Zealand, Australia as well. But if you are not the resident of these countries, then there is a download pokemon go apk file available  there are many ideas that you are going to find online regarding its download. There are few considerations, which you will have to keep in mind. To get this game you will have to share all your personal information. It is extremely important that you download this game very carefully. Here in this guide you are going to find everything that you will need to get this amazing game in your device safely.

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About the game: Pokemon Go Download Free

Pokémon Go is the first reality app available for the apple and android users. This game has already proven its worth. There are Pokémon lovers all over the world who are regularly downloading this game. There are many who are not able to resist catching Pokémon and are desperately waiting or the release in their regions. Not to worry use this guide to know how to download and play the Pokémon Go game.

Once you download this game, also make sure to check out tips and tricks to play this game. This will definitely help. If you are very new to the Pokémon game, then you must get some information regarding the game and other data that will help. In case you will be stuck in the middle of the game then this information is going to help you survive in the game.

How To Get Pokemon Go APK Android ?

Pokémon is n immensely popular game that has taken the world by storm. If you are unable to establish a contact with the server. For that check out the server of the game and it should be online. This is one reason why you are not able to contact with the server. Now let us get started with the download. If you are having an android device, but you are not living in the country where Pokémon is go is officially available in the play store, then are the following instructions, which you will have to follow to get the game. You can download this game from a third party website, but for that, you have to be cautious.

Download Apk file of Pokemon Go USA APK

First of all you will have to allow your and android devices to safely install an then run the app which you have downloaded from another place. Be cautious while you are changing your settings after making sure that the game you are downloading is from reliable and safe resource. First of all

  • Open settings
  • Go to security
  • Scroll down
  • Next
  • Unknown source > tap? Turn on

Pokemon Go Android Download { ANDROID }

  • On your android device open webpage of pokemon go
  • Tap on the “download pokemon go apk file
  • Select OK
  • warning message appears
  • pokemon will start downloading
  • now select the file in the notification bar  and press “ install”
  • you can play the game right now

Download Pokemon Go From Playstore 

Download pokemon go in iphone { IPHONE \ IOS }

  • If you want to download the game in your iDevices, then the procedure is slightly different. Follow these instructions
  • Log out of your apple ID in the first position. You will have to make your phone believe that you are in the country where pokemon go is officially available. For this
  • Go to settings tap on the apple ID and now sign out.
  • Now go back to the settings select general> region and language. Set it to the country like Australia or US.
  • Now open the app store and search for the game.

Download Pokemon Go Itunes

Now download and install the game onto your iDevices. Your data is stored in the cloud so you can start from where you started so it is no big deal in case you need to reinstall when you ill change your settings. You can get the most popular Pokémon go game on your devices without its official release in your country by these simple ways. If you cannot wait any longer, then these are the shortcuts you need.

Conclusion : Pokemon Go

This app has already created a buzz in gaming industry.  so what are you waiting for go and download pokemon go apk from playstore and itunes respectively.

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